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Adjustable Nylon Dog Safety Muzzle Muzzel Biting Barking Chewing Multiple Sizes - S

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Sold By: Unicorpse

  • Dog Safety Product
  • Adjustable Breathable Safety Dog Muzzles Anti-Biting Anti-Barking Anti-Chewing
  • Made of high quality nylon material,will not easy to be damaged by dogs.It has good air permeability and is soft and lightweight.Dogs will not feel stuffy or heavy when wearing it,very friendly to dogs.
  • Wearing this dog muzzle on your dog when walking your dog or take him/her out,can not only prevent dogs from inadvertently biting or hurting others,but can also effectively prevent dogs from chewing unclean food outsides.It also prevents dogs from barking and bothering others' work and rest.
  • Please don't tighten the string, it should be free to move around the dogs nose.
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SKU: TH6019

Categories:Pet Supplies, Dog & Cat Supplies

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duct description

One of the most humane ways of protecting other dogs and people around your dog. It's VERY SAD to have to admit you need this muzzle, but for some dogs, it is essential to give you piece of mind. Your dog is probably very comfortable around your home and familiar environments, but when a dog is placed under stressful situations, whatever they may be, his or her temperament may change. Small children who climb on and try to play with your dog are a prime example. This muzzle is hygienic, washable and comfortable when fitted correctly. X Small Muzzle: 11-14 cm (4.3" - 5.5 ") Suitable for Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua Small Muzzle: 15-17 cm (5.9"-6.7") Suitable for Bichon Frise, Jack Russell, Border Terrier Medium Muzzle: 18-20 cm (7.1"-7.9") Suitable for Beagle, Border Collie, Standard Dachshund Large Muzzle: 21-24 cm (8.3"-9.4") Suitable or Springer Spaniel, Labrador, Golden Retriever. X- Large Muzzle: 25-28 cm (9.8"-11") Suitable for German Shepherd, Weimaraner, American Bulldog XX Large Muzzle: 29-32 cm (11.4"-12.6") Suitable for Great Dane, Leonberger, St Bernard NOTE: Selecting the correct muzzle for your dog: Use string or fabric tape to measure around your dogs nose. The muzzle must not be tight. Better a little loose than too tight!! Place your forefinger under the string to ensure enough space for your dog to be comfortable - don't tighten the string, it should be free to move around the dogs nose. Measure the string and check off the muzzle size - if its not an exact match then take to the nearest size. Fit the muzzle on your dog. Check the fit by running your finger inside the noseband. Your dog must be able to pant and have free tongue movement.


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